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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:28 pm 
The owner of the music store remembered the only other time in his life when he had this same feeling. He remembered the one and only time when he heard that awful, lying, wrong, terrible saying. He last heard it from a very good friend on the day his wife died. The beautiful loving face of his wife filled his entire being. Her loving eyes pierced his cold heart. The kindness of her smile melted his stiff mind. Her flowing hair calmed him like the flowing waters of a gentle stream. The music store owner did something next that he hadn’t done since he was a young person. He cried. He sobbed. He wailed. The duchess opened her door to the commotion, only to find the owner of the music store calmly walking back up the stairs to the door of the hallway that led to his son’s royal suite.
“Are you all right?” called out the duchess to the music store owner.
“All is well,” replied a convincing voice from the music store owner, casually walking back up the stairwell. “I get lost in these big castles – even in my own hometown, haha.”
The duchess did not see the music store owner’s face, thus she did not expect that there was any problem whatsoever. “Cheerio,” she replied.
The music store owner could not forget his wife’s face, and for the first time since her death, he remembered the entire good person that she was. The music store owner took the body of his son and wrapped it up for burial. Secretly, the music store owner took his son’s body and buried it properly on a hill nearby where nobody would ever notice. With a gallop, the music store owner went by horseback down the road to a small castle dining place where he found a certain servant bus boy waiter.
“You won the sound-alike contest about forty days ago, is that correct?” inquired the music store owner to the servant bus boy waiter who had about the same height and age as his son.
“Yessir,” he replied with a good face.
“Do you know who I am?” asked the music store owner in a courteous, steady, strong voice.
“Yes. You are the esteemed and respected father of the Royal Tuesday Knight! Your son is my inspiration, and it is an honor to meet you,” replied the servant bus boy waiter.
In the end, the Annual Tuesday Knights Music Festival was a huge success, as the citizens of the Kindness Kingdom had more happiness than they could remember. The many visitors from other lands outside of the Kindness Kingdom were also very happy. The King and Queen of the Kindness Kingdom decided to make the town of the music store owner the town that would host the Annual Tuesday Knights Music Festival every year forever.
One year later, the owner of the music store married a loving woman and started a new family. Oddly enough, there was just one thing which the owner of the music store could never figure out. The owner of the music store could never understand how that kind old man could have a cigar which would never burn down. The owner of the music store lived to be one hundred and twenty years old, and he lived happily ever after with his family.
For more than a generation, the new singer who everybody thought was the son of the music store owner, created many wonderful happy songs for all the people of the world. One sunny day after harvest had ended and the cold of the next season began to creep in, the new singer found himself silver-haired and happy. Being happy was okay, yet he was getting too old to be the man behind the mask. He remembered his roots when once upon a long ago he was just an underpaid, yet humble servant bus boy waiter. When he finally exposed himself and came clean, or to say, when he came naked, he was worried what the people would think about him. He wondered how they would react, as the people had thought that they had been listening to the voice of the son of the music store owner during all of these many recent harvest celebrations. The new singer became overjoyed, for the people of the world loved him even more for making the right decision at the right time to preserve happiness. After all, the new singer could have refused to choose love. He could have easily said “no.”

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