The concert was cancelled- The Monterrey, Mexico experience
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Author:  amarcadia [ Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  The concert was cancelled- The Monterrey, Mexico experience

Dear members of the band,
my name is Amaranta Arcadia. I am writing because I want to express my sadness and dissapointment about the concert that was cancelled.
First of all, I want to let you know that I am conciouss about the security problems in the north of my country. I am living in the north east. I am living under this terrible situation, I'm a professor and I live this everyday at the university in my city.
I know that there are circumstances that maybe you didn't know when you accepted to perform here. Many of the people that went to Monterrey were angry and sad ( I don't live there, and I and my boyfriend trevelled almost 7 hours to get there) and that is because just two hours before the concert, we were informed that the concert was going to be cancelled. I think this was really awful for all the people like us that went there, wasted money and didn't receive a good explanation about why this was happening. I know my country and I know the risks. I just wanted the formality of being informed at least with one day of anticipation. I think the best you can do is being polite.
i really love your music. I am very grateful because your music has helped me a lot. But I had to tell you this. The next time you come to Mexico, at least ask how the things are to a social anthropologist like me.

I really hope that you are in good conditions (about your healthy issues) and I want to believe that this wasn't the principal cause of your cancellation. If was not, I really hope you can be fine very soon.

Sorry for my english. And I still love your music, by the way


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