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 Post subject: The Burning Cigar PART 1
PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:27 pm 
Once upon a long ago, there was a mystical land called the Kindness Kingdom. Most of the people who lived in the Kindness Kingdom were living in one accord. For many years, this land was peaceful. Then, one day, the mean meanies took over, and almost nobody in the Kindness Kingdom knew what to do. Since most of the good people of the Kindness Kingdom did not know how to get rid of the meanies, they surrendered in order to stay alive. Remember, the meanies were very very mean. For many seasons, the Kindness Kingdom was sad and had very little joy with all the messes which the meanies were making. How mean! How rude! Alas, there was absolutely nothing that any of the citizens could do by themselves to get rid of the meanies.

War was not the immediate answer. War could be used as a last resort, of course, but the people of the Kindness Kingdom first chose patience in order to wait for some way to get rid of the meanies.Fortunately, for the Kindness Kingdom, four brave citizens (who were not old) had the knowledge to eliminate the meanies; however, meeting together was not an easy thing to do. The meanies paid close attention to everything that went on in the Kindness Kingdom, because the meanies did not want to have anybody but themselves rule the Kindness Kingdom. Luckily, these four brave and wise (but not old) citizens, decided to trick the meanies by meeting at a secret and secure location in order to discuss how they would save the Kindness Kingdom and restore everything to peace and happiness as it had originally been many seasons prior.

Each Tuesday night when it was very late, with everybody in bed or beginning to get ready for bed in the Kindness Kingdom, the four wise and loving citizens (who were not old) met just out of sight from any meanies’ eyes. With combined wisdom, these four citizens saved the Kindness Kingdom, and the meanies fled forever.

Many generations had passed since those four citizens saved the Kindness Kingdom, and the citizens of the land saw these four Tuesday heroes as legends. These four heroic persons were posthumously knighted and rightfully honoredfor their bravery and wisdom. Theirlegend grew and grew until everybody in the entire Kindness Kingdom referred to them as the Tuesday Knights. To honor their Kindness Kingdom, the citizens of the land started a tradition by having weekly musical events in each and every town once a week. Of course, you can guess that the King and Queen of the Kindness Kingdom chose Tuesdays to legally have each and every town put on a small concert in their respective gazeebos. The towns all over the land enjoyed playing music in their gazeebos, yet it became quite a challenge to decide who would be given the privilege to sing and play each Tuesday. According to the law of the Kindness Kingdom, anybody, big or small, rich or poor, young or old, could participate in a local Tuesday Knight concert. There were simply too many happy musical people wanting to be part of the Tuesday fun. What to do? Then, a new tradition began in order to fix this, however, it may or may not have been the best idea.Maybe you could have thought of another way?
Anyhoo, the Queen and King of the Kindness Kingdom created a clever decree such that all Tuesday gazeebo performances must now have the musicians - and even the singer or singers - dress up in the full body armor of a knight. Now, this does sound a bit preposterous, however, it is important to realize that many many people loved to sing and play music, thus performing in a town gazeebo was what most everybody loved to do. Can you imagine trying to sing or play musical instruments while wearing an entire suit of body armor to contest with? Yet, to honor the Tuesday Knights, the decree was indeed made that this wearing of full body armor wouldbe necessary.
The wearing of armor by four citizens and performing in this strange, yet effective way quickly became a new, exciting tradition in the Kindness Kingdom; furthermore, the Queen and King of the Kindness Kingdom were very happy that the original four Tuesday Knights had not been forgotten and that the citizens of the Kindness Kingdom now had the same wisdom as their four heroic Tuesday Knights had possessed back during the time when the mean meanies were in charge with their mean meanie ways.
Then, even better for the Kindness Kingdom, a Tuesday Knights Music Festival tradition began to take place once a year during harvest time. Each and every harvest time before the chill of cold arrived, the King and Queen would by horse and carriage make a sojournin any town where the very best quartet of Tuesday knights were to have been known. The Tuesday Knights Music Festival was the most enjoyable and happy time of the year to celebrate their Kindness Kingdom. Not only did the King and Queen visit with their horses and carriages, but more than half of the entire land would take a spectacular road trip near the end of harvest to wherever the Annual Tuesday Knights Music Festival was to take place. There had never been a disappointing day for the many Annual Tuesday Knights Music Festivals that took place in the many various towns, big and small in the Kindness Kingdom.
In one town which was located in the Kindness Kingdom, a man owned a store. In this store, one could find all kinds of musical instruments. You could see trumpets and banjos. You could see violins and glockenspiels. You could see drums, fiddles, oboes, tubas, trombones, and many other objects which made pleasant sounds. Well, these objects would sound pleasant if one knew how to play. Not everybody could play an instrument, however, with the tradition of celebrating the land being to make music, most citizens of the Kindness Kingdom: those big and small, those old and young, those poor and rich, and even those wise and foolish… most could play some musical instrument. The King and Queen made sure that if there was a citizen who was unable to develop a skill with a musical instrument, he or she would find other fun and creative responsibilities to contribute to the Annual Tuesday Knights Music Festival if he or she chose to participate.
One day, the music store owner was very grumpy. He had not slept in several days, and he was unable to sell as many instruments as he used to be able to sell justa few seasons ago. Usually, the music store owner was happy and in good spirits. Yet, with the recent Annual Tuesday Knights Music Festival having just passed less than a season ago, he was not the way he normally was, is, or should be. Nobody could see that the music store owner was a little bit sad. The music store owner did not want to let anybody down or hurt their feelings, so he made sure that his little bit of melancholy did not bother anybody. The music store owner had always been less than grumpy, but one chilly evening aftersun down, he was very grumpy. For the first time in his life, the owner of the music store found himself yelling at and being rude to a customer. After all, the customer walked right into his music store and was smoking a cigar. How rude!
“I am sorry sir,” barked the music store owner in an unprecedented manner. “But the law of the Kindness Kingdom states that no one is allowed to enter another home or business smoking a cigar unless the owner allows that person to do so. Sir! I demand that you leave immediately!!”
The music store owner was correct. The man was smoking a cigar, and this man with his burning cigar had not been invited to do so. “Please.” said the kind-looking elderly gentleman holding a burning cigar. “I am old enough to be your grandfather, and all I ask is a few minutes of your time to give you something which will please you. Please, kind sir. Just listen to what I have for you, and if you do not want it, I will leave as you wish.”
Taken aback and more than irked with the elderly customer’s refusal to obey, the music store owner – who had always been a nice person and never yelled at anybody, until today – yelled, “I shall call the authorities if you do not leave. Do you want to go to the dungeon? Are you not well in your head, old man!?”
With a puppy-dog face and a feeble, yet coherent voice, the old man smoking the cigar replied, “Take this. I assembled it for you. I assembled it especially for you, kind sir. It is with my full intention that you use this and have this to make you happy. I swear. I swear that that is the truth.”
In businesses and stores throughout the Kindness Kingdom, large loud-sounding bells are used to alert the authorities to come rushing due to an emergency. The music store owner had been thinking of ringing this bell and getting rid of the annoying customer that made him have to shout. Instead, the music store owner said, “Okay, sir. Please tell me what this walnut-shaped object is which you have invented for me.”
The elderly man set down his cigar on a make-shift ash tray. Then, the elderly man handed the walnut-sized object to the music store owner. The music store owner recognized that it was some sort of tuner made especially to tune instruments or to help a singer sing in tune. It was the same design concept as the walnut-sized tuners that he actually sold in his music store. The music store owner then called for his twenty-six year old son to put on his Tuesday Knight suit of armor.
The son of the music store owner had a heart of gold. His father, the music store owner, had been especially proud of his son throughout his entire life. Neither a goodmusician, nor with a good voice, the son of the music store owner excelled at other aspects in life. The music store owner had been especially proud how his son handled himself before the beginning of the harvest season when his mother died from a disease. The music store owner saw that his son had strength and courage to face the reality of seeing his mother pass away, however, if his son had been a teenager or younger when his mother had died, it could have been muchmore difficult. The music store owner missed his wife much more than he would admit.
The smoke from the cigar was filling the entire music store; however, the music store owner opened a window and decided to wait for another moment to complain again. Reluctantly, the music store owner blew into the walnut-sized tuning doo-hickey and then asked his son to sing a note through his armor. The next thing that happened made the music store owner immediately feel a rush of ecstasy, as his son had the most beautiful, strong, fully resonating voice that the music store owner had ever heard.
“Thank you very much!” said the music store owner to the elderly customer. The music store owner no longer was grumpy. He seemed to be an entirely different person than just a few moments ago when he had rebuked the customer who had entered his store with a burning cigar. Then, he asked the elderly customer, “How much do I owe you?”
“Please. Please, sir. Keep it. It is for you. You have been very kind to me and allowed me to smoke my cigar in your business, and I know that it is against the law to do so. Please. Please, keep it.” The elderly man with the burning cigar then departed from the music store, and nobody ever saw him again.
Well, you can guess what happened next. Within the entire Kindness Kingdom, the son of the music store owner became the best singer of the local Tuesday Knights gazeebo performances. Before the following harvest season, the Kindness Kingdom began to whisper about some knight with a golden, magical, angelic, awesome, soothing voice. Then, at the beginning of harvest season, more and more citizens of the Kindness Kingdom visited the town of the owner of the music store in order to hear his son sing.Next, half-way through harvest, citizens from other kingdoms of kindness visited the Kindness Kingdom to hear the most wonderful sounding voice with the most wonderful sounding group of musicians known to exist. By the end of harvest, everybody in the Kindness Kingdom – especially the King and Queen – heard about the wonderful, pleasing singing voice of the son of the music store owner. The Annual Tuesday Knights Music Festival was going to be the biggest, happiest time ever in the history of the Kindness Kingdom. Extra sideshow performances and good times were everywhere in the town of the music store owner. Everybody was busy, and almost everybody was happy. It was going to be a jolly time to remember forever.
The son of the music store owner was very busy as well. Everywhere he went, people knew his face. The son of the music store owner was very nice to almost everybody he met. Remember, he had a heart of gold and was a nice person - not perfect- but definitely a nice person. The day before his big performance at the Annual Tuesday Knights Music Festival in his own hometown, the son of the music store owner began to fatigue. He had agreed to meet as many people in the town as possible, as he wanted to share his heart of gold with everybody who was there. Unfortunately, the son of the music store owner was more tired than he had originally thought. Towards the end of the day, the son of the music store owner found it increasingly difficult to smile. He had given every bit of energy to make his face reflect his heart, however, near sundown, it was proving to be impossible to smile as if he meant it. He decided to press on and finish the day before a nice, long rest.
One of the servant butlers at the large castle hotel was very jealous, and he was actually happy to be jealous. Can you imagine wanting to be jealous? Well, this one citizen of the Kindness Kingdom was not really nice, or per se, this servant butler only thought of himself. After finishing his daily duties at the large castle hotel, he trudged to the fanfare location to meet the son of the music store owner. The son of the music store owner was about to meet and greet his last few groups of fans when the jealous servant butler approached the slick, shiny table made of gold where the son of the music store owner was sitting on a marble chair with a near-frown on his puss.
“Sing for me! Sing just a piece of your most famous song! Sing for me!” spouted the jealous servant butler in a half-gleeful, half-maniacal tone of voice.
Never before had the son of the music store owner been in a situation where he was completely tired and actually had to smile at people. He did not know it immediately, but with an unusual fit of anger, the son of the music store owner used his voice to yell at the jealous servant butler, “Can’t you just wait until tomorrow??!! It’s been a long longday!! Good evening, sir!!” The son of the music store owner abruptly got up from thetable made of gold and road horseback tothe large ancient hotel castle there in his own hometown where he was going to rest. The jealous servant butler of the large ancient hotel castle smirked. He became eerily happy. Thrilled and ecstatic, the jealous servant butler planned to spike the drink of the son of the owner of the music store. And he did.
At five o’clock the next morning, the son of the music store owner drank hemlock and died. The jealous servant butler fled to the land of meanies to be sure that he would never need to pay for his terrible crime within the Kindness Kingdom.The jealous servant butler never cared for anybody, which is to say, he never cared for anyone except for himself.
At five o’clock when it was getting dark, the music store owner went by himself to the room of his son to wish him the best. All day long, the music store owner had been happier and prouder than he had felt throughout his entire life. Everything had been wonderful since that nice, old man invented the magic tuner that changed his life. He wondered where that man was now. He sure hoped more than anything that the man with the burning cigar would show up for this concert, and then he could bring him up on stage after the curtain call to tell everybody who should really be thanked. While thinking about the old man with his burning cigar, the music store owner became perplexed. He realized for the first time that the cigar which the old man was smoking had actually never burned out. In fact, that cigar had not even burned down one teensy weensy bit. Thinking back, the owner of the music store remembered seeing the cigar being the exact same size when the man entered the music store as it had been when the nice old man had exited the music store. The music store owner thought that this old man must be a genius inventor. Not only did this kind, unselfish elderly gentleman invent a tuner which helped his son sing better than all, this person could actually smoke a cigar which would never extinguish! The next thought and sight of the music store owner was very very bad when he found his son: Panic. Stress.A million thoughts. What happened? How? Why now? Why? The music store owner resembleda frantic, unintelligible man. He spoke to himself out loud, “I must tell the people that my son is dead. They must know. But, then they would be so sad. The entire town – no!… The entire land will be sad and grumpy. What to do? What should I do?”
Through his fog and haze of emotions and thoughts, the music store owner decided to tell all the people that his son was dead. A large crowd of spectators from near and fa rwere already taking their seats early in the adjacent amphitheater, and the anticipation of the entire land was growing moment by moment. The music store owner slowly began walking down the long hallway that connected his son’s royal suite to the stairwell that led to the chamber of the duchess who was coordinating the festival’s events. Once the duchess or one of her maids or manservants heard the news, everybody would then quickly find out. Mindlessly, the owner of the music store moved at a turtle’s pace down the long, ancient corridor of the large castle hotel where he had not been in such a long time. As he reached the door of the stairwell, he remembered a saying which he despised more than any saying that he’d ever heard. This saying – this phrase – this so-called advice – this mantra – made him grumpier than anything: “It’s better the day you die than the day you’re born.”
Suddenly, his inertia greatly increased as he violently flung open the stairwell door and went down. His entire being was filled with emotions of rage, agony, and sorrow.The owner of the music store decided that once he told the truth of his son’s passing to the duchess, his pain should go away. The owner of the music store was only steps away from the door to the chamber of the duchess when he wondered when he last heard some fool hurt him with that phrase. As his hand lunged for the duchess’ door handle with the same momentum of a strongman fighter giving one quick jab to his opponent’s gut, he froze.

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